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Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 3 Essay

Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 3 Angela Lopez, Brittney Krause, Barbara Lee, Brandi Weiler, Cherie Greene RES/351 September 3, 2012 Dean Gualco Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 3 INTRODUCTION With many of the organizations around problems, dilemmas, and opportunities will rise that will bring up questions, research and conclusions. First identifying the problem and planning to work towards resolving the organizations predicament. After the problem has been identified then the leaders need to design a research study that will facilitate collecting, measuring, and the analyzing of the data that is relevant to the organization, its staff and its productivity. Now that the company has designed the†¦show more content†¦(The relationship between) Research focus should be narrow and not broad-based. (The relationship between) A good example is â€Å"What can be done to prevent substance abuse?† or is it too large of a question to be answered. (Danya International, 2003) A good focused question consists of â€Å"What is the relationship between specific early childhood experiences and subsequent substance-abusing behaviors?† (Danya International, 2003 ) * Will motivated workers be more productive? * Will additional staff increase the organizations productivity? * Will wage increases motivate the workers? HYPOTHESES A hypothesis is a statement of prediction. A proposition is a statement about certain concepts that can be judged true or false. When a proposition begins to be tested, it is known as a hypothesis. (Cooper amp; Schindler, 2011). A hypotheses act as a tentative and conjectural nature between two or more variables within a research. There are many types of hypotheses. Descriptive hypotheses are one of the most common hypotheses. The existence, the size, the form, or the distribution of some variable is stated in descriptive hypotheses (Cooper amp; Schindler, 2011). There are many important functions of the hypotheses. For starters, it acts as a path for the study. It also differentiates the facts relevant and those that are not. There are three qualifications that make hypothesesShow MoreRelatedBusiness Expansion Through Training And Development1728 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction In this paper it enunciates the importance need of the review of literature and the related review of studies to the topic. Business expansion through training and development this is a comparatively recent origin. In the last two decades, there has been a rapid growth in the number of institutions offering management education, these are as follows: universities, Colleges, and Studies Centres. With the diversion of sizeable economics and human resources in this strategic area of nationalRead MoreAccounting1024 Words   |  5 Pagesmeasuring, interpreting and communicating financial data by preparing financial statements in order to reflect financial condition and operating performance whereas Double-entry bookkeeping is the record of transactions that require entries in at least two accounts. * What types of information are critical to the performance of the accounting function in an organization? Answer: Accurate financial information is critical to a business, according to the Accounting principle text, informationRead MoreOffice Administration1298 Words   |  6 Pagesfunctions of the marketing department are as follows: liaising with advertising entities internal and external to the office, designing marketing strategies. The marketing departments keep employees informed in preparing advertising material, assisting within promotional activities, preparing press releases throughout the company. Marketing would require a lot of creative thinking and successful ideas to be able to launch or re-launch any goods and service. There will always be similar products orRead MoreTEXAS UNIFORM CPA EXAM PAPER1634 Words   |  7 Pagesa certificate to a person who: (1) be of good moral character, (2) pass the CPA Exam, (3) pass an exam on the Board s Rules of Professional Conduct, and (4) meet the work experience requirements. According to TSBPA, good moral character means lack of a history of dishonest or felonious acts. The Board considers several areas in evaluating an applicant s moral character. First of all, The Board will conduct the responses to questions on the application relating to arrests, charges, convictionsRead MorePreparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 4 Essay1206 Words   |  5 PagesPreparing to conduct Business Research 4 Veronica Davis Leslie Franklin Kathy Santiago University of Phoenix Business Research RES/351 Philip Ingraham January 3, 2013 Introduction This paper will address the following questions as it pertains to data analysis approach and quantitative and qualitative result reporting for BP. â€Å"How will you have access to the population to be sampled or interviewed? What are the instruments you will use to collect data or qualitative information?Read MoreTraining Activities Tools And Techniques Of Training1764 Words   |  8 Pagesa trainee, these trainees are here to learn and organization polish these employees and train them according to their need. They perform different type of activities in their training period and step up to learn accordingly their performances. 3 Research Question †¢ Is there is an issue with those organizations that they are not financially established so they can afford or accommodate and facilitate such type of training activities within their premises? †¢ Is there is some policy that may not grantRead MoreCase Analysis - Sears1700 Words   |  7 PagesAssignment 1: Preparing a Comprehensive Case Analysis, Part 1 By Angela Rivera Professor Camilla Pugh Strayer University BUS 490 Summer 2012 Assignment 1: Preparing a Comprehensive Case Analysis, Part 1 Due Week 4 and worth 200 points Research a public corporation that you believe is not doing as well as it could in the marketplace. For this first paper, you will complete the first steps of a comprehensive written analysis as described in Part 6 of the textbook. The written analysis willRead MoreLawyers : Legal Issues And Disputes1072 Words   |  5 Pages businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes. Lawyers typically do the following: Advise and represent clients in courts, before government agencies, and in private legal matters Communicate with their clients and others Conduct research and analysis of legal problems Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses Present facts in writing and verbally to their clients or others and argue on their behalf Prepare and file legal documents, such as lawsuitsRead MoreProblems Associated With The Association Of A Company In The Digital Company Case Report1135 Words   |  5 Pagesthe association of a company in the web. Discussion: Website of a company is used to reach out the potential customers present all over the world. This causes the most engagement of the company with respect to the number of visitors in the website. Part 1: The multinational company specializing in financial services is the definition of the American Express. The company is involved in the businesses of credit cards and businesses with traveler’s chequeen. However, the company is now involved in manyRead MoreTeam : Team And Abstract Essay1640 Words   |  7 Pagesefficiently. The experience of working in a team can provide valuable insights of the real-life business, whereas individual projects come very rarely which makes an individual to work in cross-functional teams. All the members of a group are different from each other, so it will be a good learning experience to gain from each other. Topic: Motivation and its impact on job satisfaction in today s business Human resources are the most important among all the resources an organization own. To retain

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