Monday, November 18, 2019

Gotham City the residents reported that the street prostitution Assignment

Gotham City the residents reported that the street prostitution Discussion - Assignment Example the offender, suppression of any opportunity that the offender may have and hardening the situation making it difficult for the offender to do crime(Ikerd, 2010). The scenario provide us with an opportunity to probe some questions; why are the people of Gotham city not bothered with prostitution in the area? Why do the residences indulge in prostitution? What are the factors that make prostitution easy? After answering the questions, clear and well planned method can be employed in curbing the act. Some specific methods like; using informants, sweep of the area, saturation patrol, profile interview, operation indent and installing visible cameras can help in curbing the act. These are secondary methods, and the primary method is the best. It involves gathering intelligence unto why the community members indulge in the practice, then that the primary drive is handled. The local business people should be kept in mind while handling this matter, because some may argue that prostitution is what is making them have customers, and perhaps that is the reason people of Gotham are not concerned with prostitution. In conclusion there must be professional analysis to help in managing crime without infringing with anyone’s

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